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38 Laura Rogers

June 14, 2020

Meet @WonderLaura 🤩 She started her SharePoint career by attending a class held by Bill English! He's one of the authors of (what I call) the "SharePoint Bibles"😆! And Laura was asked to write some chapters in his new book back then, about MOSS! Now that's what I call a flying start of a new career within SharePoint! Six books later she has her own company, a well known blog that she started to help others, a YouTube channel and she's a frequent speaker at all the large conferences! What a great career ⭐️ We talk about what it takes to migrate from InfoPath into PowerApps and citizen development where she delivers this cliff hanger: "It's like jumping over a PowerApps cliff!" 😆. A super interesting conversation and she delivers some great tips that can even save money on unnecessary licensing 👌 An episode full of great ideas and thinking! Laura speaks at the upcoming #GlobalCon2 conference starting Monday, so hurry now and register for a free ticket so you can watch her session! 

Contact info & Links:

Twitter @wonderlaura

Website https://www.iwmentor.com/

PowerHour schedule https://www.iwmentor.com/pages/schedule

PowerHour on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/WonderLaura67 (Subscribe now!)

GlobalCon2 Register for tickets now -> https://partners.collab365.community/16428/40150 

Thank you for listening! Cheers from Lise @sharepointbabe

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